Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

Corrington Wheeler is a solo Rock artist from Houston, Texas with a supporting band. His music draws influence from philosophy, western esotericism, and masonry.   About "Your Erroneous Evil": Greed is an over-generalized term that is normally accompanied with an often falsely negative connotation. The truth is that selfishness is the primitive root emotion … Continue reading Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

Kobra And The Lotus

Launched in 2009, Kobra And The Lotus is the lifeblood and passion of Canadian vocalist Kobra Paige. Eight years into their journey, the band has gone through significant changes in sound and personnel to the point that they were able evolve and create what is easily the strongest album in the Kobra And The Lotus … Continue reading Kobra And The Lotus