Unqle Chriz “9-5”

Christopher Baloyi (born 13 May 1985), known as Unqle Chriz (pronounced uncle~chris), is a South African R&B, Gospel and hip hop recording artist. Christopher started singing at 15, in churches, first with his cousins and then solo. One of his songs was nominated for the 2008 ML FM Awards.[citation needed] In 2009, Unqle Chriz changed … Continue reading Unqle Chriz “9-5”

Trub – “Four Five” – Official Music Video

  In a culture where sex, drugs, politics, violence and money dominate the music industry, T.R.U.B. brings the TRUTH in an incredible sound based on what’s hot without conforming to unenthusiastic Hip-Hop trends.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBY_4KJKBQU “I produce real music that conveys an image of hope, pride, and fun with an emphasis on hard work and … Continue reading Trub – “Four Five” – Official Music Video

Kataztrofee – “Now”

Kataztrofee is an American Hip-Hop duo consisting Fort Worth natives, Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr Arrogant” Speed. Their assured demeanor, compelling energy, brilliant aura, and innovative thinking separate them from any Joe Blow up and coming rapper, as well as veterans before them. Since the duo released their first single, Polo Polo Polo in … Continue reading Kataztrofee – “Now”