Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

Corrington Wheeler is a solo Rock artist from Houston, Texas with a supporting band. His music draws influence from philosophy, western esotericism, and masonry.   About "Your Erroneous Evil": Greed is an over-generalized term that is normally accompanied with an often falsely negative connotation. The truth is that selfishness is the primitive root emotion … Continue reading Corrington Wheeler “Your Erroneous Evil”

New Music – Weapons of Anew “Killshot”

NEW YORK - Weapons of Anew has followed last Friday's massive digital release of the track "Killshot" (via OK!Good Records) with a brand new video, available now! Filmed at Hammer Hands Gym and directed by Ron Geffen, the hard-hitting clip follows a contentious boxing match between actors/boxers Amber Skyes and Julian Rodriguez, illustrating the song's theme … Continue reading New Music – Weapons of Anew “Killshot”