Skizzy Mack “Rollin” ft. Shawn Butler


Skizzy Mack and Shawn Butler are from the same city of Philadelphia. They had been trying to get in the studio for months having known the same people in the city. They each had heard about each others talents from mutual friends and wanted to build a working relationship. Once they finally caught up the magic was instant. They both talked about how they wanted to get their career rolling and weren’t gonna stop for anyone. Thus the title “Rollin”. Shawn Butler, who is feature on the hook also produced the track that night in the studio. Skizzy laid his verse in two takes and they knew they had a joint on their hands for the city! They shot the video a few days later with Inferno who is also a Philly native. Look for more from these two artist in the near future!


Skizzy Mack :

Growing up, Richard Allen, who also goes by the name of SkizzyMack, experienced a lot of adversity. However; he turned the challenges he was faced with in life into a hope-filled and promising future. His past experiences have shaped him into the man he is today.

SkizzyMack, was, is and will always be a hard-working person who is devoted and dedicated to the visions he sees for himself. Skizzy has had a lot of motivation and inspiration over the years that have helped him get to this point in his life. His three biggest motivators in life all motivated him differently. One of his motivators was his late grandmother, Mamie Allen whom he adored. His grand mom Mamie motivated him through discipline  which was the tough love needed in order for him to be appreciative of what he possessed, which his grandmother knew was his intelligence. Skizzy’s grand mom Mamie always instilled in Skizzy that his brilliant and creative brain would take him far. Another big motivator for Skizzy was none other than his very own mom, Rosalynd. Rosalynd has motivated Skizzy through her strength and ability as a woman and a mother to overcome obstacles that tried to defeat her, but with her determination she has proven just how remarkable she is. Skizzy’s biggest motivator and inspiration has come from a person that no one word could describe him. That person is God. God has truly been a blessing in Skizzy’s life. He has been the one and only person who has never and never will fail Skizzy. God has equipped Skizzy with a testimony that he can be a blessing to someone else. God’s unconditional love is proven through his wondrous works each and every day.

Although Skizzy has had his share of trials and tribulations, he has turned everything he has ever been through into a hustle. He brings to people his real life story about himself and his life in more than 1 hustle as a business man, entrepreneur and even a boxer, all of which are just a few of Skizzy’s many hustles.

Any and everything that Skizzy has ever done, or does he gives his all and takes his time to create greatness. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. Skizzy is an example of “one of a kind”. He is determined to be a success in life, and although he knows where he is going, he has not forgotten where he has come from. Skizzy knows all about going through the bad to get to the good.

Now is his time.

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Shawn Butler:

Producer Singer Songwriter Shawn Butler born and raised in Philadelphia and heavily influenced by the Philly Sound, is currently incorporating funk, rnb, Hip Hop and pop into his music today. Discovering his talent at the age of 22 while pursuing a college degree, Shawn Butler took time off to further pursue his passion. “I never was a singer or anything…i wanted to play basketball…” At 6’5″ Shawn earned a basketball scholarship at West Chester University, while studying Creative Writing. “Creative writing was the only thing I enjoyed in school. It was easy and limitless and out of the norm.” Music slowly became the main focus of his life in around 2006-07, working with Karma Productions in Philadelphia (Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott). Here is where he started honing his writing craft. Later he found himself in studio with “Mainstreamers” like Timbaland, Craig David, and P Diddy after a meeting with music an AnR.  “Watching one of my favorite producers, Timbo, make a track right in front of my face and then go and record a bridge i wrote was a huge thing for me to experience…” Currently working in LA writing and producing for various artists and also for his own EP, Shawn Butler has seen success  working with Mary J Blige, Lil Wayne and the mainstreamers. He earned platinum plaques for Lil Wayne’s Carter IV.

INSTAGRAM @theShawnButler