NAVANA covers “Jar of Hearts”

Napoleon Persia Karroll, is a 13 year old singer / songwriter / pianist, who has been classically trained on Piano since the age of 3 years. She and her sisters formed the musical group ‘NAVANA’ in 2017 upon returning to Canada after four years in Paris, France. Her sisters are; Naztazsia Karroll 11 yrs (guitar vocals) and Valentina Karroll 7 yrs (piano / vocals). The three girls have been songwriting and recording with their father Peter Karroll since 2015. Although Napoleon was only 7 yrs old when Christina Perri’s ‘Jar of Hearts’ was first released, Napoleon recently discovered the song and fell in love with the lyrics and the emotion of the song. She wanted to approach the recording with percussion to dramatize the feel of the track.
NAVANA is currently recording multiple original tracks for release in early 2018.