Founded in the Australian coastal city of Melbourne in the year 2003, NE OBLIVISCARIS took the inspiration for their name from the proud motto of Argyll, Scotland’s Clan Campbell which means “forget not”. From the start, this collective of exceptional musicians made it clear that they did not intend to follow any trends or walk on well-trodden paths. Their first demo, ‘The Aurora Veil’ (2007) had a massive impact in the metal underground far beyond the fifth continent, and their debut full-length ‘Portal of I’ (2012) reached mainstream music press worldwide, which praised their unique array of influences, virtuoso performances, and epic songs.

The release of their sophomore opus ‘Citadel’ (2014) was a watershed moment for the band. The release gave them the momentum to break out with extensive touring around the world. In full, three major European tours (one supporting Enslaved), two massive North American runs (one supporting Cradle of Filth), and an extended Far Eastern run were conquered. In addition, the band ascended to headliner status at home on the heels of their performances on Australia’s Soundwave Festival 2015.



The base for these internationals trips was laid by NE OBLIVISCARIS’ record-smashing use of modern day crowd-funding campaigns. This includes an ongoing Patreon membership under the moniker The Ne Obluminati, which is revolutionizing the relationship between band and their fans by making the entirety of the bands actions transparent and interactive with their fans to a heretofore unrealized level.


Tim Charles  – Violin, Vocals (clean)

Xenoyr – Vocals (harsh)

Matt Klavins – Guitars

Daniel Presland – Drums

Benjamin Baret – Guitars