Dustin Michael “Kodeine Nights” ft. YFN Lucci

Dustin Michael is no stranger to the music scene. From the age of 12, he was the lead singer for the popular group B5. Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, now residing in Atlanta, GA. The former Bad Boy Entertainment recording artist, got his first glimpse at fame at a very early age and had the opportunity to work directly with P Diddy and other industry heavy hitters. Dustin was able to tour the world and perform alongside some of the biggest names in music today, such as, Kanye West, NSync, Chris Brown, and many others.

Fast forwarding to 2017, Dustin has teamed up with Young at Art Entertainment to launch his solo career – working with some of the hottest talents in the industry and ready to claim his spot on the charts with his hot new single “Kodeine Nights” featuring YFN Lucci. Dustin Michael has definitely left his old boy band sound behind and is stepping into the arena as a triple threat – with his fresh new sound, energetic performance and looks that’ll keep the ladies on their toes, Dustin is without a doubt a star on the rise and is aiming for the top.