Milk N Cooks “Joy District”

DJ duo of twin brothers Milk N Cooks, leading the charge of the Post-Bro House movement release new single “Joy District”


Milk N Cooks are the first of their kind. Musicians, Entrepreneurs, Media prodigies.

When they aren’t making music, they are developing marketing strategies, routing tours, and reaching hundreds of thousands on their interactive live stream internet show. Their production style is home grown as well as the management team, record label, and booking agency they’ve developed with their friends and close associates. Not only do they make music and perform, but they know what it takes to build an event around that music and performance. From making their presence felt digitally in specific markets via effective social media, to working closely with local promoters and venues to ensure every show is on path for success.

They relentlessly connect with fans on a personal and organic basis building life long relationships. The journey continues.