Cavalen “Viva Adore”

Viva Adore! Somewhere in a moment one can chose between a lover or a love. It IS a gamble, yet it is always a choice. Seeking a lover gives one the power and the control. Love often laughs at our plans and schemes to avoid its return. Viva Adore is the realization that the lover has become loved. It’s a submission to indulge in the defeat!

Viva Adore is a wink & nod to the inner workings at play between our rational and irrational selves. The life goal being total harmony between the two. However every once in awhile both sides need to raise a little hell and take destiny into your own hands. The struggle comes when it’s time to close down the party and balance the ship again!

Birmingham, Alabama lays claim to a vibrant, complex cultural history. While rock ‘n’ roll has always had its place in the Magic City, its influence has paled in comparison to its hard-hitting neighbors in Southern powerhouses like Nashville and Memphis, until now. Cavalen has just graduated from the riff-heavy, soulful school of hard rock, and now they’re primed to break out in a big way.