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Tabletop Records’ recent signee, in partnership with Spectra & SONY Music handling international distribution, EVERPRESENT has released his brand new single “Dreamstate” available on iTunes and wherever music is sold. The members of Everpresent – Matthew and Katelyn find themselves in a Dreamstate when lost in a spell of each other romantically both off and onstage, while being drawn back into a fantasy semi-conscious world by Reshama, the seductive spirit that dances around them and casts the spell that keeps them “under”.



Everpresent is Matthew Cahoon, a unique vocalist, keyboardist, percussionist, and composer.

Everpresent was created in January of 2002 to bring a unique blend of dark pop and electronica the current musical landscape. The timeline has been an interesting evolution of musical experimentation combined with a certain degree of commercial appeal, diving into the dance floor, psychological reflection, and sensual energy.

In 2002, Everpresent released their debut EP and began performing all over Boston at clubs such as the Skybar, Harper’s Ferry, Great Scott’s, as well as Boston University and Berklee College of Music. This first EP was well received by gothic and darkwave lovers with its strong, goth-synth-underground vibe.

In 2004, Everpresent released “Singles and Remixes” featuring the song, “Behind Your Veil,” which received national college radio airplay in March & April of 2004 and charted in the top ten in the state of Arizona among major label artists Madonna and The Prodigy.  This release featured shorter songs and remixes with more accessible hooks and rock guitars to convey the powerful elements in the lyrics.

2005 brought about the release of the Archive DVD as a retrospective of the 2002-2004 performances and rehearsals, marking group’s first chapter. During this time, Everpresent received favorable press in the US, UK, the Netherlands, and Israel. The DVD is a collection of live performances and rehearsals with no fancy features, just the band working at their craft and showing things as they are.

In 2006, Everpresent enjoyed the success of a CMJ advertised national college radio campaign featuring the single, “Elusive”, which signaled another shift in the band’s evolution. It communicated a lighter sound, free of the heavier guitars and rock elements.

In 2007, Everpresent released their third CD, “Collage”, a combination of pop tracks, electro-remixes, and live recordings. This release incorporated a degree of R+B/soul influence and is the groups most “light” and pop oriented of their albums. It was well received by fans of pop and expanded EP’s audience beyond the gothic/darkwave culture.

2010 saw the beginning of another significant shift. The maxi-single and accompanying video, (“Darklight-Maxi-Single”), moved Everpresent into a strong, Middle Eastern, dark-pop vibe. The single and video resulted in much more exposure and press than ever before, with the video being seen on Spike TV.com, Bing.com, and thousands of homes on Comcast and Verizon TV regional music programs, as well as airing in hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants nationwide.

2011 brought about the completion of the transition that was introduced by “Darklight”, and the dark-pop album, “Phoenix” was born.  A strong combination of synthpop, darkwave, Middle Eastern influence, and pop melodies made the album very powerful and catchy, and numerous interviews and positive press followed. The video for the final track on the album, “Haunt Me,” helped EP reach even more people than the previous video (“Darklight”), as “Haunt Me” was seen on MTV.com, multiple websites, regional alternative music TV shows in the USA, and on television in the UK and South Africa.

2014’s “Introspekt”, brought Everpresent into new sonic and conceptual territory. With lyrics and concepts that examined the mind, psychology, and self-examination, Introspekt is experimental in nature. Elements of industrial rock, techno, ambient, acoustic piano, metal and atmospheric guitars along with some elements of pop combine with an experimental edge.  It is Matthews’s first true concept album, best experienced as one story/journey, taking the listener within an inner universe of themselves into their own transformation.

In 2015, Everpresent released a 6-song EP, “Omega Point”.  This EP brought the return of original co-producer and master engineer, Steve Catizone (who started with Everpresent back in 2002 and co-produced the debut EP, and also 2004’s Singles and Remixes), and also continued work with producer/engineer Ryan Hinkle.   The new sound is brighter, funky, modern, mystical, yet very direct, and designed to get people moving on the dancefloor, while still promoting self-reflection, but in a more optimistic way.

After signing with Tabletop Records in 2016, Everpresent released a 3 song EP, “Kahlina Reconstructions”, an experimental, sci-fi remix collection of 3 songs from Introspekt and Omega point.  2016 also brought about the 6 song EP “Soloelektronika”, the first instrumental/ambient chillout Everpresent release, produced by Matthew and Steve Catizone.

In June of 2017, Everpresent released the single and video, “Dreamstate”, along with a bonus remix of the track by electronic artist by electronic artist We Are the Stars on  Tabletop Records/Spectra Music Group with Sony doing international distribution.  “Dreamstate” is the first track and video from the forthcoming “Parallax” album to be released in the Fall of 2017.

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“Parallax” brings much deeper contributions from classical vocalist, producer, and model Katelyn Isaacson who helped record the album with Steve Catizone and Ryan Hinkle, and co-arranged all vocal parts with Matthew.  The “Parallax” album is a collection of rearranged, remixed, and remastered versions of the best and most popular songs from 2010-2015, but with all new backing and co-lead vocals by Katelyn and new vocals and musical arrangements by Matthew.  Parallax sums up the many dimensions of Everpresent, combining a unique blend of pop, middle eastern, rock, and electronica elements into this concise and modern album.

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