Mizta Sandman “Bad A$$”

Mizta Sandman is no stranger to the world of music. That fact is displayed every time one of his numerous hits thunders out of the speakers at the club or in a passing car, not to mention the various shows He performs. Born from the original group 303 consisting of Ocean Bay,Scrap,Joker Loc. Kj and others, Mizta Sandman has always been a budding, aspiring star in the works. Until now Mizta Sandman has yet to take full advantage of his Regional fame on a National Level but that all ends soon when “The Awakening” his second solo album hits the streets and stores. Powered by the EP “Moving On” and “Record Haters” Ft Simes Carter “Getting It” The Bakery ” Sandman is ready to represent the entire world on a national scale with that undeniable music.




According to Mizta Sandman and how he defines himself and his music, he states ” Before Tomorrow came, Yesterday was the future. See the difference between me and these other artist, I’m no trying to get into the game, I’m from the game, the bricks, the streets, whatever you wanna to call it, I want a better living for family, and my partner’s.” “I’m the voice of the ones in the Pens, Graveyards and trapped on the block with no way out ya dig?” Known for His Energetic Flow, Stage Presence and Unpredictable Lyrics, Mizta Sandman represents pure energy on a level even He can’t explain fully explain. “From my voice, to my style, and my music, people just react and attach to my steez, its a blessing”,says Sandman. No stranger to the rap world, Mizta Sandman has been putting fans in a trance through his music since He broke on the scene with the release of “Don’t Sleep”(Break Thru Records/On The Grind Muzik). After releasing the debut album and scanning 25,000 BDS units with very little promotions because of jail time being served, Mizta Sandman immediately reemerged on the scene doing show after show. Upon  His release Mizta Sandman, Stan Vinyl, Sir Jam, Leethal, Rie RIe and Scrap decided to a collective artist agreement and put out a group of various artist from various neighborhoods call Ghetto Nation. Ghetto Nation has placed music in several films cataloged by Maverick Distribution  sold in Walmart, Target, Best Buy and a host of other locations. Ghetto Nation was starting to catch on Nationally until the realities of being from the streets caught up to various artist, which in turn began to spiral. After experiencing the most horrid of all horrors Mizta Sandman was in two back to back spine tingling accidents. After flipping off of Golden Mountain in 1999, after being released from jail, Mizta Sandman suffered a broken tail bone, broken collar bone and three blown disc’s to boot. In 2000 He was hit from behind by a car at a dead stop. Which broke His neck and ripped and tore every muscle in His back. After being told by the doctor’s he would ever walk again, Mizta Sandman found that extra something deep in His soul,”I’m not a quitter by any means my Mom’s taught me how to be a survivor period.” Also my brother is very spiritual so lots of prayer.” After years of Aqua therapy and many blessings Mizta Sandman is able to walk again and wants to take the world by storm with His music.


Mizta Sandman and StanVinyl won the “Rap Wars”  held in Colorado a battle of all freestylers and has been featured on a number of projects from the west to the east. He has also ghost written for a lot of artist since the car accident and looks forward to touching down on the music scene once the release is set to go. Mizta Sandman has opened for act such as Ice Cube, Funkdoobiest, W.C., Parliment, RedMan, Roger and Zapp, Big Pun, Fat Joe, De La Soul, Scarface, E-40, UGK, Twista, Al Catone, Sam Scarfo, C-Bo, The Click, Mobb Figgas, Mobb Deep, Afro Man, Insane Clown Posse, Snoop Dogg, The Dogg Pound, Cj Mack, EPMD, The Doc, Troop, Mc Breed and many others.

Mizta Sandman is very talented to say the least. What can you say about a hip hop artist that can do it all literally. He writes produces and has the Industry business sense to go with it. He is able to write songs for any genre and that is what makes Him so unique. He can write country, jazz, r&b rap any genre and it will get His same attention and love as all of His music does. He is His hardest critique and I have learned that in dealing with Him but He is a perfectionist. The one thing you don’t have to worry about is Him not putting His all into whatever project He is doing. He will definitely produce an undeniable product. It is amazing to me how He got overlooked but we all know what is in the dark comes to the light. This is exactly what is happening for Him. God has brought Him onto the light for the world to see. Through all of the adversity in His life He has managed to walk and live to fight another day. That says a lot about His character and what He is “made of.” It’s the “stuff” champions are born with and that you can’t teach it has to be in you and it is the fiber of who He is. He has a big heart but at the same time He holds His own and He is the truth in His own right. You get a true understanding of His versatility and natural ability for the game by listening to His music.  Get ready world because This will be setting the block on fire!!

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