The Jimmie Van Zant Band “Your Song”

Introducing the last original recording and video by the late Jimmie Van Zant entitled “Your Song”. Released as a Hepatitis C Awareness Video, the visuals were filmed mixing live performance shots with behind the scenes footage in hopes to spread the message:
‘Get Tested, Get Cured.’


The Van Zant name is one of the most instantly recognizable and respected in all of rock music. After all, it is the surname shared by a long-line of musicians who have left their mark on popular music for the past several decades – original Lynyrd Skynyrd singer Ronnie, modern day Skynyrd singer Johnny, .38 Special singer/guitarist Donnie, and solo artist Jimmie. The latter built up a large and loyal following during the ’90s and early 21st century on the strength of such albums as The Jimmie Van Zant Band (1996), Southern Comfort (2000), and Feels Like Freedom (2012), and performing over 200 shows per year. Sadly, the southern rock veteran succumbed to liver cancer in 2016, brought on by Hepatitis C, which Jimmie did not know he had – until it was too late. But thanks to his friend/band mate, Gary Dvorkin, Jimmie’s tragic passing will soon make a difference in raising money for the American Cancer Society, and also creating awareness concerning Hepatitis C.

The story begins with a chance meeting one night in a New Jersey coffee house, when Dvorkin and Van Zant realized they both shared a deep love of southern rock music. Van Zant soon asked Dvorkin to join his band – after hearing him play on the night of their first encounter. However, as fate would dictate, things would change quickly. Dvorkin – a long time sufferer of chronic Ulcerative Colitis – had to leave the band due to severe illness complications during the early 2000’s.
However, the friends realized they could still create music together – resulting in an instrumental track, entitled “Your Song for Harry, From Jimmie” (featuring members of the JVZ band and Dvorkin’s band TruckStop Vampires, as well as both Van Zant and Dvorkin).

Dvorkin himself offers up the preferred state of mind for listeners soaking in the sounds of this killer track. “You should feel ‘1973-1975-ish.’ Think summer, outdoor festivals, ’70s dressed girls, pot smoke, the sweet smell of cigarette smoke after the weed, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Budweiser, Miller, Michelob and motorcycles. As a matter of fact, spark one up before listening if ya can! Remember when this kind of music wasn’t ‘jam band genre’ type of music, but rather, it represented the musical heart of the performers playing it.”

Unfortunately, Jimmie was diagnosed with liver cancer, secondary to Hepatitis C, in early 2014, which led to the musical collaboration being put on hold indefinitely. Understandably upset by the passing of his friend, the song was forgotten, until Dvorkin was reminded about the track by Jimmie’s wife, Zohra. Realizing that Jimmie’s fans would love to hear this instant-classic track, a plan was organized to celebrate Jimmie’s life and music, and also, help others.

One Hundred Percent of all funds and and profits from song sales will flow directly to PreventCancer.Org (in the name of Jimmie Van Zant), in order to further spread and elevate the message
“Get Tested, Get Cured.”

As Dvorkin explains, “It is our hope that by doing this, we honor Jimmie and perhaps do our small part in bringing about a better mode of treatment for those stricken by this horrible illness, so that they might have a better chance of survival than Jimmie did.”

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Jimmie Van Zant HEP C Awareness Initiative
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