Psycho Melodic Kill Switch

Psycho Melodic Kill Switch are a multimedia popARTrock and performance art group based out of Saudi Arabia, promoting women’s rights and free speech. Upon first listen, you will quickly notice that there is a very harsh and unapologetic nature to the political lyrics from Psycho Melodic Kill Switch. Although this is what’s needed, it’s relevant because the situations in question are harsh and unapologetic as well – only in that case the result is something potentially dangerous as opposed to merely a few minutes of music or art (both of which are preferred and encouraged mediums of expression).
Politics aside for a moment, their tracks have everything you’d hope for in modern punk rock and rebellion. The band is great at what they do, they actually have an immense back catalogue of music for you to explore if you haven’t done so yet – head over to Soundcloud to listen to more:
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PMKS formed in October 2015 when Bob Black (Bass + Vocals) and Spike Summers (Guitar + Vocals) found themselves in the unlikely setting of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where live music is banned and quite literally is seen as emanating from the devil.

Of necessity the band operates as an underground entity. The pressures of living on the frontline of religious authoritarianism are reflected in band’s song writing. Titles such Subjugate The Girls, Men Should Cover Their Faces and Remembering Paris provide a safety valve for pent up frustrations and anger.

The band got their first bit of press in early December when Spike Summers did an interview with Exposed Vocals and followed this up by releasing the first ever Christmas song to be recorded in the Kingdom. The video features a middle eight section championing same sex marriage.

The end of the month saw the band get it’s first published music review, whilst appearing on KISS FM in America for the first time with the song Higher Than Keith Richards. They rounded of the year with their one and only live performance to date on New Year’s Eve 2015.

They kicked down the doors to 2016 with the release of Electric Dreams on SoundCloud which received rave reviews and saw the band being favourably compared to the “late-great David Bowie” as well as further American air play.

March saw the aforementioned song win a best song award and the release of their debut single – Melody Switch, which is currently gaining heavy radio rotation on both sides of the pond (Britain and America) and going down rather well by all accounts.


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