Joy Jeanette – Uniting & Inspiring

The musical backdrop has a unique twist to it – a vintage kind of bass line, a mellow and soulful ambiance, but also; Joy Jeanette’s lyricism and performance are undeniably true to her own artistic approach and style. It’s always a pleasure to listen to, there’s a creative freedom there for certain, but the recording and songwriting also tip their hats to some very classic soul tracks from way back when, and for this reason there’s an element of nostalgia thrown into the mix, which adds another reason to love the track.

Overall, Joy is as a quality songwriter both musically and lyrically, with a fine gift for melody and a voice that is both distinctive and easy on the ear. While it’s hard these days for a songwriter to break through, she has everything it takes and we look forward to hearing a whole album from her.

Growing up, Joy Jeanette was raised on a church farm community while being home schooled. She was only allowed to watch movies older than 1960. During this time, she would watch old musicals and learn the lyrics then change them as she saw fit. Eventually Joy starting writing her own melodies and lyrics. Her mother learned she could sing when she caught her imitating her mother’s favorite artist Mahalia Jackson’s song “Troubles of the World”. This was the start of her music career as she was then regularly asked to perform at various events.

Her music dreams were put on hold after being involved in an abusive relationship at a very young age only to be thrown in prison for two years when she fought back. Joy was granted the blessed fortune of an early release after winning a Battered Woman’s Clemency from the governor granting commutation of sentence. She was recently granted a full expungement of her record, she now wants to share her story with the world through success in music to inspire and encourage.

doyouobject IMG_1522 (1)

Joy Jeanette releases “Do You Object” on Google Play, Amazon, Apple, Pandora, and other music services. This song is pop funk single with poetic overtones of want and desire to love and be loved beyond the smoke screen, beyond time, beyond class, beyond judgement. This single puts one in the mind of singles released by artist such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Rhianna, and other pop artist who put soul into some of their mainstream music.

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