Funk-Soul Crooner: Herb Shaw

In the Mecca of songwriters, alternative-soul funk crooner Herb Shaw is a gem of authenticity with a style uniquely his own. The Los Angeles based singer/songwriter writes ingenious songs with the precision of a master painter. There is something special about his intelligent, intuitive style that is best described as Eclectic Cool.His smooth vocal delivery coupled with creative lyrics sets him apart from the rest of the pack. Herb Shaw is wise, refined, and adventurous.

His captivating voice is equally matched by his inspiring lyrics. His performances are nothing short of spectacular and he leaves audiences in a better place than they were before they arrived at the venue. He is a smart writer with a unique style, a big voice, and a fearless approach to sharing his story with the world.


Herb Shaw, for anyone with a pulse and a pair of working ears, represents the former. His songs, by way of the grit and throaty edges of his vocals, carry a thread of the struggles and sacrifices he’s probably endured along the way.  We not only hear Shaw, we relate to and believe him.

Herb Shaw has spent the last few years building a reservoir of hearty, slow-burning soul grooves, and now he has blended that sound with the determined bounce of reggae. The resulting dose is nothing less than mesmerizing.

Modern in theme yet brimming with traditional grown-man sentiments, Shaw lays his feelings on the line. From start to finish Shaw’s smoky soulful voice will tickle your eardrums and please your senses. His lyrics are so cleverly chosen and combined that everyone can feel what he’s singing about.

Herb Shaw presents really deep feel good music, and modern it’s sound and style, it is very reminiscent of a time gone by. If you run through Shaw’s brief online catalog, you can really feel his sound musically evolving, as well as his voice.

Everyone knows he can bring that power house voice down on any song of his choice. The emotions he displays on certain songs shows another layer to his vocal range, and his ability to sustain control of his voice, and the rawness of what he’s talking about lyrically shines through on every track.
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