Stephanie Joy “Letting Go”

Stephanie Joy has released the video for her first single “Letting Go”, off her solo EP ‘Walk Your Road’ on the Novanglus Records label.

“The track “Letting Go” is about giving it all to God. When you’re ready to give up hope, He is the only One who will lead you through whatever you are facing. The Christian life and road are not easy, it is a straight and narrow path and there is no way that we will make it, as we walk this road, without Christ leading us through.” says Stephanie.



“This song is important to me personally because we have all been there…it’s a real world that we live in and we have real problems that we all face. We are either going to have the courage to trust in God to work out all things together for good as scripture says, or we are not going to make it. We have to cast our cares upon Him, let go of reason and doubt, and have faith in the One who will always do that which is right and that which is for our good.”

From an early age, Stephanie Joy grew up acting and singing on both the local and national levels. As a child, she was a bubbly personality and was in commercials for major corporations such as Cost Cutters, Pop Tarts and Best Buy. She was also featured on the front cover of Cheerios. The daughter of a Pastor, Stephanie Joy was born in North Dakota, but moved to Minnesota at the age of one with her family.

Musical theatre played a huge role in launching Stephanie’s professional career, having starred in roles such as Annie, Cinderella, and The Music Man. As singing began to dominate her professional career, she began her musical journey traveling throughout the country and abroad to sing Christian music.

Although Stephanie’s acting career took a backseat to her music career, she saw music as an important vehicle, and a life changing opportunity to reach young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “With so many bad interpretations of who Christ is out there nowadays for young people to see, it is my desire for people to experience who Christ is in truth,” states Stephanie. “We are all on this journey, and I want to see both young and old come to know the God of the Bible as He is, and not how people want to make Him out to be.”

Stephanie continued to sing and travel with various bands throughout the U.S., and it was there that she began to hone her songwriting skills. Her solo EP ‘Walk Your Road’, on the Novanglus Records label, was produced by Grammy Award winning producer Val Garay (Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton, Kim Carnes, Kenny Rogers, and Bette Midler to name a few).

‘Walk Your Road’ is a 6 song collection of timeless pop contemporary Christian music that speaks to real life situations, and leads all to Christ. “No matter what road you are on, or wherever you are at in your journey, we must all come to the realization that we are in need of a Savior, and that this world will not deliver. We are nothing without Jesus Christ and every song I sing is birthed out of testimony and will speak directly to the heart of the hearer.”

Stephanie Joy leads a very busy life, as a wife, and mother of 4 wonderful boys, while managing a major ministry, and taking on many administrative tasks. Stephanie Joy is the “Big Voice” that brings a refreshing sound to Christian music that is truly unforgettable and powerful.  “I want both young and old to find Jesus Christ. I was put on this earth for God’s glory and to lead people to Him. If my music helps me do that, then I have accomplished my purpose.”

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