Madison McWilliams “Melodramatic”

Like so many girls her age, 15-year-old Madison McWilliams is in love with clothes, shopping, and – most of all – music. Unlike most girls her age, Madison’s passion for music has led the teen phenom from Austin, Texas to be dubbed a “Pop Music’s Latest Darling” by TRIBEZA Magazine, and to achieve her dream: the June 23 release of her debut EP, “MADISON.”, which can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music.  She recently released her new music video for “Melodramatic” where the teen songbird really showcases everything she’s got.  The video for “Melodramatic” is powerful, visually stunning, and a beautiful look into Madison McWilliams as an artist. The video portrays her in her truest state: kind-hearted, gracious, and selfless. At first she is seen as a girl who’s missing her heart (shown with VFX), and Madison’s mission is to find the pieces of her heart so she can be happy again. All in all, this video is vibrant with insane imagery, beautiful styling and gorgeous cinematography.

As one of’s Top 15 “NextWave” artists worldwide and a writer on all of her songs, Madison gushes, “My whole life is surrounded by music.” Starting with her first audition as a child, which landed her the lead role in a local production of “Annie,” and fueled by her mom’s Beatles records, Madison has had a crush on music as long as she can remember. “It’s a piece of who I am.” Now, with songs like her Top 40-ready “We’ve Got Today” and current single “End of the Tunnel,” Madison – “Dream Teen’s” latest cover girl – is about to prove that music loves her back. It also gives her a powerful way to communicate with other girls, allowing her to express the importance of self-esteem, a value missing from some of
today’s pop hits.

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As an official Ambassador for Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas, Madison performed “End of the Tunnel” as a special guest at Make-A-Wish World Wish Day, a national fundraiser celebrating over 270,000 wishes already granted. And her song “Fighter,” written for the courageous Make-A-Wish kids, debuts this summer to help raise awareness and support for the organization’s Over the Edge effort.
Her antidote for mean girls? “My message is girl power,” she told “Tiger Beat” in her first feature on the iconic site. “As a girl, you need to know that you can do whatever you want, and you’re not limited by anything.” She took that message to her debut SXSW performance and an appearance at Univision’s “Kindness Palooza.”


Though blown away by Céline Dion in Las Vegas as a child – “I was in awe of her voice, her stage presence… it was really good for me for her to be the first person I ever saw in concert!” – Madison’s own show is going to have one additional element: Tons of dancing. Showing she means business, Madison is currently working on her stage show with renowned choreographer Tina Landon (J.Lo, Rihanna, Shakira).
“When I first started dancing,” Madison admits with a laugh, “I was: Not. Good. At. All. For two years, I just practiced all the time. I worked really hard, and I got good at it.” Knowing fans would expect dancing, she refused to let them down.The lesson she learned? “I can do anything if I put my mind to it. If you have confidence in what you’re doing and are not afraid to make mistakes, I feel like you
can accomplish anything.”

With her busy mom as her #1 inspiration, Madison is juggling preparing her show with online schooling (“I don’t have to sacrifice my education to achieve my dreams!”) and a normal social life. “It gets a little overwhelming at times, but I love music so much that it’s what I love to do with my free time.” She is even prepping to do more acting, signing with the legendary Randy James and his team, which she calls a true honor.

She trained with Tony winners in the prestigious Broadway Artists Alliance program, is soaring on social media and has everything it takes to be the next Meghan Trainor… except her biggest pet peeve is, “Do you wanna be the next blank?”
Madison says, “I’d rather tell someone – or sing to someone – about who I really am. I can really become someone’s friend that way.”

Going forward, Madison’s circle of friends will only get wider!


“Meet Madison McWilliams, the 15-year-old powerhouse
pop singer who is on the rise!”
– Tiger Beat

“In the (We’ve Got Today) vid, Madi doesn’t let a little car trouble get her down. Instead, she parties it up with her friends-desert-style! And does so in a super stylish suede jacket, we might add!”
– Girls’ Life; We’ve Got Today Video Premiere

“A talent like Madison’s is undeniable. A fresh, fearless pop voice”
– Matthew Rettenmund, former EIC of Popstar! Magazine

“…adorable 15-year-old and gifted teen with the heart, soul and talent of a seasoned recording star; She is the rare young artist who knows what she wants her music to be”
– Dream Teen Cover Story

“Beneath her sweet smile and dreamy vocals is a young woman whose determination, resilience and talent make one thing overtly certain, pop music’s latest indie darling … just getting started…”
-Tribeza Magazine: Musician’s To Watch: SXSW Issue

“We’ve got no worries, thanks to pop artist Madison McWilliams’ dancey single “We’ve Got Today.” It’s an instant mood-booster, so if you’re feeling down, give this song a listen.”
– Sweety High

“From a feature in Girls’ Life Magazine to an upcoming performance at SXSW, Madison’s star is definitely rising. And, she’s just 15.”
– The Mulberry Lane Show

Check out her Exclusive interview with TIGERBEAT (April 28th) here!

In-person Visit with Bauer Publishing June 2017
(J-14, In-Style & Seventeen Magazine)


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