Jen Miller “Down”


“The premise behind “Down” is actually about how I previously turned to booze and/or partying when I’ve been upset about things. I had a moment when I was out one night with a girlfriend from middle school where she broke down crying and literally said, “I don’t know! I thought if I just went out and chugged some margaritas everything would be OK for a little while,” and I realized I was and had been doing the same thing. Who doesn’t? The lyric, “science says the world will end, and we wish they weren’t right” is a metaphor for how our penchant for everything bad for us — alcohol, smoking, unhealthy relationships, etc. — is sort of like our denial of climate change. It’s DEFINITELY a thing, but then we lean on other people and ask, “Everything is gonna be ok, right?”. Then they say “right”.  Smile, and sip again.” – Jen Miller


Jen Miller is songwriter, recording  artist, and activist who floats between DC and Nashville. An Ohio-native, Jen Miller first found love in a ukulele and an old, out of tune piano in her parents’ living room, where she began creating her own unique style — but music wasn’t her first love. Like a Drew Barrymore 90s movie, during the biggest recruiting season of her life, Jen suffered two devastating knee injuries within a year, leaving her without a scholarship, and with her passion for soccer dampered. Out of desperation to find something new to put her time and effort into, Jen turned to her first ukulele, and began uploading covers and original songs to YouTube. After mastering soprano ukulele, Jen picked up piano, baritone ukulele, and guitar. Like many other artists of her generation, 25-year old singer-songwriter Jen Miller initially sparked her musical career through the Internet, fostering a following on YouTube, which eventually turned into several tours.


Today, Jen spends her days cracking jokes about politics and feminist/LGBQIA+ news, with her tweets alone reach 25,000,000 people every month. With a dry, quick-witted and goofy sense of humor and an authentic voice, Jen is guaranteed to make you feel something when she’s in the room or on the screen. (No promises the feeling will be good.) After spending the last several years ghostwriting music and political speeches, Jen is spending 2017 sharing #aSINGLEpermonth of her own creation, with her own voice and story.

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