Get Ready for Tzili Yanko

Tzili Yanko is an Israeli singer / songwriter with a whimsical sense of beauty in her expression.  “Get Ready” is a great example of Tzili’s talents as a composer with a fresh presentation of a classic sound that sounds unmistakably familiar the first time you hear it.  “Get Ready” is the lead single of Tzili Yanko’s EP “Six”, which is her 1st foray into recording music in English.


Her 2 previous albums were completely performed in Hebrew and recently made the decision to embark on a new musical journey and challenge herself to write and perform in English.  Tzili is proud to have independently created something that fully represents & reflects the heart & soul of her music.  She has performed with well-known Israeli singer / performer Shlomo Artzi as a singer / guitarist and currently performs live shows with both a full band as well as solo acoustic shows.  Tzili  is very excited to be working on new music and discovering where this journey will bring her.