Cheekz pays tribute to Biggie

Rising New England Rap lord Cheekz is back again with a dynamic new video that pays homage to legendary Brooklyn Rapper Notorious B.I.G. who helped pave the way for artists like himself. Entitled “Biggie”, the video comes just in time to celebrate Biggie’s birthday on May 21, and the track is a banger that would make the late rapper proud.

Cheekz shows off a complete package of artistry, at times brilliant and other times daring, he is always thoroughly engaging. His music incorporates an element of realism and rawness that is authentic and seldom seen on today’s independent musical landscape. Cheekz delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. His skillful wordplay and witty metaphors paint precise pictures and his cadence and penmanship are top-notch.

Grinding out of the streets of 413 Springfield, MA, a small city in New England, home of the Basketball Hall of Fame and one of the biggest gun manufacturing companies, Smith & Wesson, you can find a HOT aspiring artist by the name of Cheekz.

He is one of the leading independent rap artist’s out of the New England area who has worked with a lot of big name artist’s and recorded classic street singles such as “I Remember Ft. Troy Ave”, “Hardtimes GFt. Max B”, “My Goons Ft. Chinx Drugs”, “Hate Ft. Freeway”, and more…
He recently released “Mass Destruction”, an independent project that has drawn in lots of attention across the USA, UK, and other countries worldwide.
As a rapper coming from a place where no one else has ever had a chance to make it in the music industry, Springfield, MA, and a place where the crime rate is rising due to youth violence, drugs, and poverty, he still maintains to stay focused and deliver, to get attention in the underground and mainstream rap community.