Hailing from Chicago’s southside, Rajitheone’s sound is a blend of Hip Hop and R&B with a powerful delivery over smooth melodies and driving 808’s.

Through Raji’s eyes, the premise of his new music video “#WhiteGirlVoice” is how often we are all on our phones yet we never pick up when we are needed the most. “I believe that we live in a digital world where we miss out a lot” explains, Raji. “As a population we all depend on our phones to connect with those that are at a distance but we miss connections with those who are there in the moment with us.”

Drawing on the music that inspired him as a youth, as well as his natural talent, Rajitheone is a well schooled singer/songwriter, emcee on the cusp of superstardom. At 18, Rajitheone cut his teeth in the industry landing a publishing deal with The Bar Music Group and touring with major label artists.

After touring the USA with Big Sean and Trey Songz (as a back up singer for the latter), a showcase at SXSW 2016 and tour to promote his new Ep, the buzz is certainly real for RajiTheOne.
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