Born Joel Oladayo Lasile, King Joel is from a Royal family of Kings and Kingmakers in Nigeria. He was raised in Ojuelegba, where he lived before moving permanently to the U.S. King Joel has always been good with his use of words and was renown in college for sports and writing. After joining The University Of Memphis football team for a season, he returned to Georgia State University where he graduated with two degrees. King ditched the idea pursuing a NFL career and put his degrees to use by securing a career job in Medical Research.

In 2014, King Joel Founded Elision Records and currently serves as CEO, A&R, Director, and Executive Producer for the label. He decided to make his ‘spontaneous’ musical appearance in 2016 with his first project titled “King Of King’s”. Later in the year, he wrote “Let Us Breathe”, a song inspired by the topic of race and police brutality in America.

King’s artistry has no boundaries or genre restrictions. He prides himself in being labeled a “musician”, not necessarily a rapper, singer, hip-hop artist and so forth. In his words, “music is a form of translating experiences and expressions. It is a tool for channeling energies, while telling stories at the same time. My music always has solid content. My stories are real. The energies I push through my artistry are things you already feel or felt. I just make you re-experience those feelings when you listen to my works.”


This is a video inspired by the issue of race, inequality, social injustice, and police brutality suffered by black people in America. King Joel wrote the song (Let Us Breathe) and scripted the video as a peaceful protest to help spread awareness and enlighten more people on the ongoing activities in an attempt to put an end to the daunting killings and suffrage. Video was scripted by King Joel (Joel Oladayo Lasile). Shot, directed and edited by Marcelo Pancote (Produtora Frame). Costume and staging by Daniela Bacchim. Copyright belongs to Elision Records LLC. A record label founded by King Joel.

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