Juan100 – That’s My Bae

Juan100 is a rapper and songwriter from Toledo, Ohio, who’s on a mission to change stereotypes, set new standards and bring a whole new approach to music within the rap industry.

In a world that often paints artists as uneducated and in a negative light, Juan100 is a college graduate who many consider to be a lifelong scholar. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in recording arts, where he’s learned all the components involved in creating an album, from start to finish. He has involved in every step of the process, from producing the instrumentals, writing the lyrics, laying down tracks and polishing the final project. He’s recently started his own label Nuu Era Digital, under which he’s been releasing his own music. His approach to music is very cerebral and it’s that approach that sets him apart from others within the hip hop genre, which he hopes will relate with a new wave of fans.


When people hear my music I want their energy to change,” he said. “I want them to feel the energy in the music and be charged by it. I’ve always felt like energy was important in music, and I want my music to have more of an uplifting energy. When I’m writing music, I’m starting with the melody, and I’m always making sure it’s an uplifting melody. The chords I choose are usually major chords. It’s an uplifting emotion, rather than a sad or angry emotion. There’s a science behind it, and it really does affect how you feel. Think about it – if something sad comes on the radio, that can affect the rest of your day. But if you hear one of my songs at the beginning of the day, it might boost you and give you and extra boost of energy and set you at a higher level. At the very least it’s stuff you can dance to, for sure.”

After releasing numerous singles through Nuu Era Digital, Juan is back to position himself as a front runner with his latest single, “That’s My Bae” in which he created, developed, directed and produced the visuals himself. He’s cementing himself in the music industry and creating a spot where he belongs, all while having fun doing so.