Garan’te “Safe Talk”

Poised to make his mark on the game, hip hop artist Garan’te is pleased to announce the release of the Official Music Video for “Safe Talk”, off his album Common Courtesy, available now.

Directed by Colton Visuals and shot in an abandoned warehouse, the stunning visuals deliver an intimate and pensive vibe where Garan’te conveys his deep and thoughtful message of hope with honesty and conviction to today’s youth.



Garan’te was born in Miami, Florida on the 16th of June in 1990. He moved to Broward County at the age of 3 where he resided until the age of 11. At 11 Garan’te took on his journey to Oakland Park which is where he found his passion to become an artist and musician.

At the time Garan’te had a close friend who was also passionate for making music, Big Boi, most of you might know him as DeepTheGr8est. Deep is a good friend of Garan’te, one in which Garan’te looked up to when it came to music.

DeepTheGr8est took Garan’te on his first trip to the studio and Garan’te didn’t look back. Music has been Garan’te’s main focus and driving force ever since. Now he is just looking to produce quality, relatable music and hopes enlighten the people of today.

This is Garan’te Music Group.