Elijah Blake “Forget You”

Very few artists are just as good at creating amazingly vivid and passionate scenes with their voices, as they are with their words—Elijah Blake, at 22 is one of the few. Standing a part from the manufactured acts produced by today’s entertainment industry, Elijah Blake is a refreshing dose of vocal and dancing ability, hit song writing talent, and personal conviction that icons are made of.

With Sean Alexander directing, the visuals for “Forget You” depicts Elijah Blake as a stranger in a foreign land. Taking place in Japan, Blake presents in an almost ninja-like all black outfit. He mostly observes, his intense stare either peering up from the shadows or peeking out of the windows of a telephone booth. But, the six-minute clip isn’t just about Blake’s haunting vocals: it’s about taking the viewer on a journey, immersing them in the bustling city, the beautiful countryside, the incredibly flexible yogi, and more. Fitting, then, that there are so many unforgettable images in Blake’s “Forget You” video.

Watch the video for “Forget You” below. Blake’s Blueberry Vapors EP can still be downloaded for free here.