Jimmy La-Mer “Zone”

“Zone” by Jimmy La-Mer featuring Kid Vangoe, is an expression of Jimmy’s deepest thoughts on his directions in life. Him just wanting space to find himself from within. “Everyone needs there own space sometime, Just to get away from society and the actions in our everyday life. I wanted to paint a Picasso so I did it through Soul and rhythm alongside with some poetry.”

“Jimmy came to me with an idea to Envision himself in his Zone. we wanted to portray him embraced in his zone escaping his reality. Jimmy himself has a way of evading people’s space and embracing his Zone. He can escape to a place of his own creative reality a place we all wish to go to escape the chaos of the world. The energy from the song and our vision mashed perfectly together” Said Jeffrey Michael (Videographer/Director).


Born Name Is James Cesar but originally Goes by the name of “Jimmy La-Mer”. A Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Designer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Jimmy started his singing career in 2009 when he performed in The Esquire Jr.Fraternity premiere show. After he noticed what talent he had; Jimmy began to look into the music Industry much more than he usually did. He Started off with a Group called “Money Grindaz”, made in the neighborhood with a couple of childhood friends. “That’s what sparked it off” said Don, “One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is never let beautiful talent go to waste and always keep your head up, progression is earned through great ambition; I guess that is what brought me to where I am (“In process of succeeding my dream”). In the year 2016, Jimmy has released his first demo project Not4$sale consisting of his 3 Singles including his hit #Helluvanight that put him in a spotlight to rank number one on Reverbnation. After releasing the tape Jimmy has been performing at various locations from Colleges, Nightclubs, and bars. Jimmy has continued to perform and is now Ceo of his Label “SLEBER”.