The Christopher Brothers “Let Me Out”

At the young ages of 20, 18, and 16, The Christopher Brothers write and play and produce their own music, as well as an impressive collection of over 100 retro classics and current hits that appeal to audiences of all ages. This Los Angeles teen band has played extensively touring throughout the US at Six Flags, Mall, Fairs, Festivals, Clubs, Schools and more achieving a following of over 410,000 Facebook “Likes” and over 60,000 Twitter Followers. Their impressive performance resume includes the world famous Whisky a Go Go, The Roxy, LEGOLAND California, Time Warner Center, NYC, as well as opening for music legends Spyro Gyra, Al Jarreau and WAR at the Vancouver Wine and Jazz Festival. In 2013 The Christopher Brothers made it to the top 20 of the group category on The X Factor with great praises from Simon Cowell on their original song “Smile”.
This teen band has just completed its new album called “Dog Daze” featuring 8 original songs. The Christopher Brothers song “And Now I’m In Love Again” from their second EP “Smile” is being played at supermarkets and Walgreen’s throughout the US.

Fans say the band has an alternative Beatles sound and their music is as undeniably catchy as the great hits they play by The Beatles, Green Day, Weezer, Blink 182 and the All American Rejects. The infectious melodies of California alternative/pop have never sounded so irresistible with their fun and upbeat take on life and romance.


“One of the interesting things about the Christophers is that they’re sorta both and neither-nor. Infectious originals like “The Girl Next Door” and “Somebody Just Like You” are caught in the nether-zone between rough garage band glory and ultra-clean Top 40, channeling the Buzzcocks by way of Green Day and Lennon-McCartney via Blink 182.” – Daniel Weizman – LA Times

“With three yeses from our female judges, The Christopher Brothers are rockin’ on to the next round. With little brother Ethan already being compared to a young Mick Jagger, the sky’s the limit for this sibling trio” – X Factor Season 3

“The Christopher Brothers: Are They the Next Jonas Brothers?” – International Business Times

“…with a great number of years ahead of them, I can only imagine the sheer amount of styles, approaches, and sounds that will be present on each recording. They are that good.”
–James McQuison, Neufutur Magazine

“The Christopher Brothers have only worked on getting better, putting plenty of time into developing their craft.” Andrew Shortall, La Canada Valley Sun

“The four track EP ‘Meet The Christopher Brothers’ is on its way to some sort of rock pop genius.” –Melissa Kucirek, Suite 101