MAJOR. – Why I Love You

With a distinct voice and cool presence, MAJOR. fuses the charm of yesteryear with the high power impact of today. Having written for artists like Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes, MAJOR. has stepped out from behind the scenes to share is unique soulful-pop sound.

He debuted this year with his “Keep On” track featuring Kevin McCall and his “Why I Love You” single he says is modeled after the greatest love story of all. “The Love that I know first hand through my relationship with God, I think that’s the model of every relationship one should ever take on,” he said duding an exclusive interview at his MAJOR. Effect show in LA during the 2016 BET Awards Weekend.

MAJOR. is an experience. The multi-faceted entertainer delivers a soulful pop sound to the new age. MAJOR. is among the eclectic forces redefining the live music experience as he has the infectious ability to bring us all to the table for one epic exchange of greatness. The main stage is his pulpit and the message is simply…MAJOR.

One encounter with the #HOPEdealer and you’re hooked. Hearing is believing… just click the LINKS and the rest will prove itself.