Special Ops – New Release -“Blood And Tears ”

Rocking out of the barracks, Special Ops return to the battlefront with a fresh new release dubbed “Blood And Tears ”. In this self-produced 8th album release, along with award winning Mixing engineer Darius Szezepaniak and Veteran Mastering engineer George Graves, Special Ops capture 12 jaw dropping tracks that display a fusion of the members’ diverse cultures.

From Akbar Johnson’s intricate native Middle Eastern influence of guitar finger picking and strumming and Fierce Melodic Vocals and backed by a well-armed rhythm section of Waldo Thornhill’s thumping Bass, and drummer Pat Kadaver’s pounding fury, followed by the snipper action of Weka BW’s melodic solo action. Special Ops have unleashed a direct hit to follow up to their award winning “Through The Heart Of The Infidel” and successful single “Pressure” as well as older success’s like “Anger” chosen as the theme song for “The Sid Cycle Show” (Global/Spike/Men TV).

“Blood And Tears ” captures the hearts and minds of those who have struggled in protest and demonstrates the trial and tribulations they as a band have seen. Everything from one member’s cancer ordeal through tour to lost loves to industry bull shit that the everyday artist struggles with. Special Ops bring forward in their international collective an explosive return to their brand of sniper rock.