David Luning – New Album! Out Today!

David Luning’s second CD, “Restless,” DROPS TODAY which you can purchase on itunes and was produced by Karl Derfler of Blue Rose Music, who has worked with Tom Waits, Dave Matthews and No Doubt. Luning and his band will celebrate the occasion with a live performance Saturday, Feb. 4, at Petaluma’s 550-seat Mystic Theatre, his first show as a headliner there.

Luning self-produced his first album, “Drop On By” in 2012, and had almost finished the second one, at that time titled “Restless Wandering,” when he signed on with Derfler, and they started over.

“Getting signed by Blue Rose and working with Karl Derfler is the high point of my career so far. He’s got a huge reputation. It was an incredible learning experience. He pushed me, and he was able to bring my music to another level.” Luning said. “The next step, I believe, is making this record go where it can possibly go, and tour really extensively, and then get another record.”The Shore Fire marketing company, which has represented John Prine, Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt and Elvis Costello, is handling promotion for Luning.

Luning’s managers are two familiar and respected names in local music: Bill Bowker of KRSH Radio and Sheila Groves-Tracy, former owner of the Twin Oaks Roadhouse and former talent booker for both the Uptown Theater in Napa, where she was also general manager, and for the Mystic Theatre in Petaluma.

The “Restless” CD was recorded at Panoramic Studios at Stinson Beach, “It’s a really cool studio. It’s super funky. This guy decided he was going to build his dream house all by himself, so it’s like a mixture of a cottage and castle. There are these huge windows that look out over the ocean,” Luning said. Songs on the new album include “Driftin’,” “Ain’t Life a Beautiful Thing” and “I Bet It All on Black.”


“All the songs I record are mine. I wrote them all,” Luning said. “In performances, I’ll throw in a cover version of someone else’s song here and there, just for kicks. I like covering Ryan Adams, and occasionally Dr. Hook, like ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone.’ And I’m definitely a John Prine fan.”

Luning and his band will focus on songs from the new CD both Saturday at the Mystic and during tours later this year. “I’m really excited about this year,” he said. “My plan is tour out to the East Coast in the spring and then come back and do a West Coast tour, and as many festivals as possible in the summer. Last year, we did a few tours but mostly, it was working on the record.” So far, Luning’s live shows have alternated between solo performances and bigger concerts with his band. “I like doing a singer-songwriter thing in intimate venues, almost like a house concert kind of vibe. It’s more interactive and there’s a lot of storytelling,” he said. “For festivals and bigger shows, I definitely like playing with the band, because it has a lot more impact for some songs, especially the ones that are rock ‘n’ roll.”

Luning’s band includes Dave Sampson of Petaluma on electric guitar, slide guitar, lap steel guitar and mandolin; Ben Dubin of Petaluma on upright bass, vocals and harmonica; and Linden Reed of Guerneville on drums and vocals. “We’ve been playing together for the past six years.” Luning said. Jason Crosby and Elliott Peck will open Saturday’s concert, and “the plan is definitely to have a lot of special guests for the show, but no one I can name yet.”



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