The ethereal modern rock band Lydia releases a beautifully-shot new video for “Georgia”

The ethereal modern rock band Lydia has release a beautifully-shot new video for “Georgia,” the closing track from the Run Wild album.

“Georgia,” directed by Cole Kiburz, was shot in a small southern Arizona town, about seven miles from the Mexican border. The clip mesmerizes from start to finish as its stars traverse the desolate streets, surrounded by quaint retro objects.

“It’s more or less a kind of counter culture town tucked away from the world,” said Lydia vocalist/guitarist Leighton Antelman. “The people that lived there were beyond nice and talked about the place like it was something magical. It was really fun day of hanging out there and shooting.”

The song, with its seamlessly placed movie samples, offered a perfect opportunity to add an interesting twist by incorporating pieces of theactual movie in a unique way.

“I’ve always liked mixing different forms of art together,” Antelman said. “Especially the ones that don’t make a lot of sense on paper. I was on a black and white old film kick for a while, and the actress’ voice and lines fit so well with the song, I felt it necessary to make it work.”

Having the director’s outside take on the meaning of the song also added to the overall progression of video, from its inception to its eventual completion. “It absolutely changed as we shot throughout the day,” said Antelman. “I’ve never felt the urge to control every aspect of the process. I feel like it comes off so much better that way. I feel like if you aren’t willing to roll with the punches it can be a stale way to create.”



Formed in 2003 by frontman/guitarist Leighton Antelman in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert, Arizona, the indie rock band known as Lydia has spent the last decade-plus recording, touring and taking its music well beyond the American Southwest.

With its most recent offering, Run Wild, Antelman, Matt Keller and Justin Camacho took a very organic approach to writing – one in which the music just sort of came together on its own. “We all pretty much have our own mini studios in our separate houses,” Antelman explains. “So we tend to write songs on our own. For whatever reason, we’ve never really been a band that gets into a room and jam it out. I’ll usually get as many ideas as I can together and then I throw them at the team and see what sticks. I still genuinely don’t really know why certain songs stick and others don’t, but I go for a quantity of ideas and let the pieces fall as they may. The songs seem to come out as they please.”

Run Wild was produced by Aaron Marsh (of Copeland) and Colby Wedgeworth, both of whom Lydia has previously worked with. “The thing we had never done was use two producers for one record,” says Antelman. “I always think you should be experimenting with everything in your life. Who knows, we might use four on the next record or we might use none. I genuinely don’t have anything that’s a ‘deal breaker’ when creating in the studio.” Lydia’s main goal is to evoke emotion – no matter what emotion it is. “I don’t care what specific feeling that is…it just has to pull on some things inside you, change your DNA around for a bit,” he adds. “That’s how a song makes the cut or gets thrown to the curb these days. If what you do can make the audience feel genuine emotions, I think you’ve done your job.”

Since the release of Run Wild, Lydia has received coverage from some of the top publications and had the video for the track “When It Gets Dark Out” picked up by major media outlets such as MTV, AXS TV and Yahoo Music. They added another headline tour to their resume, adding to a list that already included extensive headline and support tours across the US, Canada and UK, as well as the Zumiez Couch Tour, Vans Warped Tour, and the Bamboozle Festival.  Stay on the look out for new tour dates coming soon!


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