Mister Wilson – Touching Lives through Music

Since age 12, young Mister Wilson had a passion for writing lyrics and music of faith-based themes. His first name Mister foretold a personal journey of strife many would not experience until their latter years. Adversity has produced the universal message of his music which communicates empathy for the undertrodden. Singing, writing, producing, and performing has fostered collaborations with several artists and also helped him create his own unique style of urban  contemporary music.

Much of Mister’s music has been used for benefit those less fortunate than himself because this is his biggest passion in life. Now in 2016, Mister is excited to announce the release of his new video “What Will Tomorrow Bring?” on his indie label Starchild Outreach. Mister is using his music video and his EP ‘My Reality‘ to help spread Hiv/Aids Awareness and also Suicide Prevention and support the efforts of these charities: Miracle Of Love (Orlando, Fl) and Care Resource (Miami, Fl). A portion of all proceeds from his release will be donated to both. His goal is touch the lives of people from all walks of life with his music.


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