A Holy Night – Joe Stanford

Taking inspiration from one of the most classic popular Christmas Songs, “Silent Night” along with a scene from his hit Musical stage production Chaos In Heavenly Places, a Broadway styled musical created, directed and produced by Joe L. Stanford Jr is now releasing his long awaited, animated and contemporary rendition of the song in honor of the original version almost two centuries later.

This Season, expect to enjoy the subtle beautiful rendition of the long loved classic song that bring back those golden years of a blanket, hot chocolate, and relaxation, enjoying the beautiful feel of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Christ with friends and family. The Song can be downloaded at www.AHolyNight.com as well as on ITunes.


With three off-Broadway plays a published book, and over 1000 recorded songs, the founder and C.E.O of the R.O.G Movement (Rhythm of God Movement) Joseph L Stanford continues to make strides with his inspirational performing art/media production company, since its inception in 1999. Known locally for packing out 2000 plus seated auditoriums for his musical stage plays such as “Chaos In Heavenly Places” one of three trilogy plays “Three Days”, and “The Devil in the Preacher’s Suit”. Thus his recent music project “ A Holy Night” promises to touch the souls of those who encounter his new edgy Christmas carol

For press inquiries and live bookings contact
The Rhythm of God Movement
(Moving with the Rhythm of God)
Melody Boykin
1(312-899- 6179)
Radio Promotions Director
R.O.G. Movement
Independent Radio Department
Email rogmovement@gmail.com

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