Harmoney – “Slow Mo”

Harmoney was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Influenced by singer/songwriters like Jamie Foxx, Tank, Ginuwine and Missy Elliott, Harmoney knew he had found something in music that he loved more than anything else. Adding his strong Hip-Hop wordplay to his innate singing talent and creating his own music became his strongest emotional outlet.

Harmoney focuses on deeper lyrical content expressing feelings many are afraid to say. His honesty and soothing intonation tug at the heartstrings of the ladies. Harmoney’s subject matter ranges from the streets to the bedroom speaking to his male peers as well as his female followers.

Harmoney is currently a singer/songwriter signed to 4Ever Young Music Group. He is a full time recording artist and a skilled songwriter. His sultry voice has afforded him the opportunity to be the next heavily sought after Alternative R&B/Hip-Hop/R&B sensation to hit the airwaves.

Founded in 2013, 4Ever Young Music Group is a full service entertainment company specializing in recorded music, music publishing, artists, songwriters, producers, DJ management and music consulting.

4EY Music Publishing Company discovers and develops songwriters and producers. 4EYMG owns and administers copyrights to musical compositions for use in recordings, public performances and related uses as films and advertisements.

4EYMG oversees the day to day business affairs of it’s entertainment clients (music, film and T.V.) advises and counsels its clients concerning all entertainment professional matters, long term plans and personal decisions, which may affect their career.

4EYMG consulting provides clients the service of career advice/consultation and access to industry standard resources needed to realize their goals and achieve successful accomplishments.

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