New Music – Weapons of Anew “Killshot”

NEW YORK – Weapons of Anew has followed last Friday’s massive digital release of the track “Killshot” (via OK!Good Records) with a brand new video, available now!
Filmed at Hammer Hands Gym and directed by Ron Geffen, the hard-hitting clip follows a contentious boxing match between actors/boxers Amber Skyes and Julian Rodriguez, illustrating the song’s theme of the struggle between love and hate, interspersed with band in live action, also inside the ring.
The video is based on a treatment written by frontman Ray West, who also penned the lyrics for the song. “Ray had written a treatment with a girl beating the breaks off a guy,” said bassist Stefan ‘Reno’ Cutrupi. “Once we met Ron and discussed the concept, all of the pieces kind of just fell into place.”
The video was a departure for director Geffen, though, who focuses more of his work on pop and EDM artists. “It was a fun time,” he said. “I believe the video depicts the emotions and feelings of the band, and how they are able to put those emotions into words.”…..”Ron is a hard worker that really hustles, so he and I definitely bonded quickly,” guitarist Freddy Ordine said. “Amber is actually Ron’s girlfriend and she has a hell of a right hook! She was actually punching Julian in the face with the first punch. Ron now knows not to piss her off!”
The shoot was the first time in a ring for the members of Weapons of Anew, even if they didn’t throw any punches themselves. “It actually felt very small,” Reno said. I give boxers even more respect than I already did. That feeling of no getting away from your opponent really hit home.” Added West: “It was very comfortable. I love to perform and to be on sets. I even love the endless takes. My fave is singing in double time. It’s very humbling.”
“Killshot” is available via for purchase on iTunes, Bandcamp and the OK!Good Records website.  The track is also streaming on SoundCloud.

After whetting fans’ appetites with “Killshot,” Weapons of Anew’s will soon announce more information on their upcoming debut full-length album.

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