ESH – Fall

Esh is a singer-songwriter and world traveler, whom over the past year has drawn from different sounds and experiences throughout her journey to inspire her self-titled EP, “Esh”. Esh’s EP was produced by award-winning songwriter and producer Liam Howe, who has worked with Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, and FKA Twigs.

Esh is Sarai Givaty, an Israeli actress and model, known for roles in “The Expendables 3”, “NCIS”, and more. Her debut EP “Esh” was released last July 29. Esh’s new “Esh” EP is now available on iTunes and Spotify. The EP features a track list of five songs – “Trigger”, “Trigger (Olaf Stuut Remix)”, “Fall”, “Killing Fire”, and “Machine”.

Esh premiered her first single “Trigger” on popular UK music site The 405. Following her debut, Esh was named “New Artist of the Day” as well as “New Artist of The Week” by The 405, and received glowing reviews from Clash  and more.

This summer, Esh released “Fall” as her follow-up single. The track highlights Esh’s stunning vocals, perfectly accompanied by subtle, yet engaging synth melodies, throughout. The song “officially marks ESH as a future star”. “We all fall at some point,” Esh told The Huffington Post about the track. “Luckily, most times we have people around who love us to try and pick us up, make us feel better. That being said, I feel sometimes ‘falling’ is needed. That dark place can serve as one of the most interesting sources for creativity [to] take shape. This song is about needing that fall to be fully who we are.”

Esh, who directed the video with longtime friend Niv Shank, also opened up about her vision for the clip.

“Since there is a contrast between the light, uplifting melody and darker lyrics, I wanted to create a video that captured both sides. In the video, my character is in one of many meetings at a relapse center,” she said. “This time instead of being down about her ‘falls,’ she finds herself in an uplifting fantasy where she is in full acceptance of who she is. In her mind, this frees everyone around her.”

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