A. Chal – “Round Whippin”

Walking the line between chilled-out R&B and head bobbing hip-hop, A.CHAL had a huge coming out party for himself in 2015 with sneaky hits like “Round Whippin” and “GAZI.” Channeling his Peruvian roots and eclectic influences into a distinct seductive style, the Los Angeles-based singer/producer has continued his hot streak into 2016—carefully navigating all the new attention cast his way and releasing his debut album Welcome To GAZI.

Artist/producer A.CHAL, is the bi-coastal scion of a sound and look that he’s cultivated between New York & Los Angeles for the past 5 years. After a bit of a hiatus, A.CHAL reemerged from musical purgatory with Welcome to GAZI in June. Now, he’s ready to share the visuals for “Round Whippin’,” which is easily the biggest track off the project after racking up over a million plays on SoundCloud. The smooth, R&B/hip-hop vibe of the song is complimented by the stark, black and white video that finds A.CHAL falling through a void and whipping around in a car. “Speeding down Pacific like a bullet/If cops come then we gotta lose ’em/On this road they love to hate on you/But I’ma just keep on cruisin’,” he sings in the clip, directed by Max Vatblé. “This song’s appeal has been a blessing,” A.CHAL told Complex. “Coming with the video took some time, as I wanted to give the people a visual the would make the same impact & set a standard for myself.” With the warm reception to Welcome to GAZI under his belt and the success of “Round Whippin'” only continuing to grow, we’re clearly going to be seeing a lot more of A.CHAL in the future.


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