Introducing Epoch Failure – Urban Pop Duo

Epoch Failure is a NJ urban pop duo, resulting from the collaborative efforts of singer/producer Billy Joe Marrero and rapper Nick Young. Their debut EP was mixed and co-produced by Grammy-nominated producer Billy Hume (Lil’ Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Pitbull).


Epoch Failure’s first single “Champion” has become a breakout sync track in the sports world. This past February, it was played during the post-game celebration at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. It’s also been featured by The NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, NASCAR, WWE, NBC Sports, NY Knicks, NY Giants, Denver Broncos, the Australian Football League, and more.

The group’s follow-up single was a reinvention of Bon Jovi’s legendary anthem, “Livin’ on a Prayer”. It reached the Top 10 on Spotify’s Viral 50 USA chart, which highlights the most shared and trending tracks in the country. The song was also featured by ESPN during their NFL Sunday Countdown programming throughout the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl lead-up coverage. Upon discovering the Epoch Failure version, Bon Jovi shared the song across all their major online platforms. In addition, Jon Bon Jovi and cowriter Desmond Child have offered the following joint statement of praise:

“The powerful new version of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ by Epoch Failure retells the intimate story of Tommy and Gina, set in an urgent urban landscape. It captures the song’s timeless message, lifting the banner of hope and faith for a whole new generation of working class heroes. Epoch Failure is a winner!” – Jon Bon Jovi & Desmond Child

Epoch Failure’s latest single, “Let the Fire Glow”, is a powerful, anthemic pop song with lots of urban swagger. In much the same spirit as Epoch Failure’s previous two singles, this new track is also built on a foundation of heart and guts that’s derived from the firsthand struggles these two Jersey natives have endured and overcome. The song is a celebration of all those daredevils and dreamers who refuse to cave under the pressures of social conformity. Instead, against the odds and against the grain, they rise and sing and fight–– leaving a blazing trail of inspiration in their wake.


In many ways, EPOCH FAILURE’s first three singles create a perfect sonic portrait for these work hard, play hard guys who are all about fully embracing every new moment and challenge that life has to offer.

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