It’s hard to imagine Kollosus (from the word colossus meaning a person of immense size and strength) as JUST being a rapper. And looks can be very deceiving. The 21-year old Jamaican bred, Decatur raised MC has all the trappings of a contemporary artist. So many that one may think he almost fits the profile TOO well.

But Kollosus (born Kirk Young) is the furthest from common and being average is something he refuses to do well. “I strive for perfection,” he says with barely a hint of his native JA accent. “People don’t realize this is a not a game. They think you just show up and get big watches, a Ferrari and a girl and that’s it but that’s so far from reality.” When talking to Kollosus one can’t tell if his life has been so pleasant that he embellishes the stories that give him the edge found in his music or if it’s been so colorful that he just naturally lives in the scenes of the movie of his life. Early on, the latter can be established. “My music is about everything that happens in my life, the things I’VE done and seen. I’ve been working on setting myself up in music for a long time,” he says in a quiet yet determined tone.” But I didn’t always have this situation with Block Entertainment so I’ve had to find other ways to support myself until something came along.” He won’t talk about what those other ways are but he eagerly offers the story of how Russell “Block” Spencer, CEO of Block ENT found and recruited him to sit among his roster of A List artists such as Gorilla Zoe, Young Joc and Boyz ‘n’ Da Hood. “There was a showcase and I was one of the artists, and as soon as I got on stage, I barely finished my verse when Block took me right off the stage and made me a part of the family.” “I’m not saying I’m through paying my dues in the music business because believe me there have been many days I wondered if this was going anywhere,” he notes. “When I first got signed here, I went straight into the studio and recorded almost fifty songs. That level of work has taught me dedication, sacrifice and how to navigate as a business man.”

His first album titled WHO AM I is a brisk journey through Kollosus’ early years; dodging the ills of street life and the lessons he’s learned when a decision or two caught up with him. It’s a massive jump from his first major feature on the hit, “What It Is” staring Rick Ross and Gorilla Zoe and really solidifies his position as a contender. His dreams are vast and after hearing what the gritty yet versatile lyricist has to offer, very attainable. His mission: To be a part of the movement that brings real music back. “I can only speak on what I see and I just think a lot of talent is missing. Sure people want to hear the rap that’s catchy and trendy when they go to the club etc., but I’m about really bringing talent to the world and I can only do that by being the best.”

He certainly has some of the “best” artists and producers contributing to his first mainstream album; Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Cool and Dre, Drumma Boy, DJ Toomp, Zaytoven, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe just to name a few. In a generation where arrogance dominates and entitlement dilutes the meat of the culture, Kollosus isn’t harried nor is he anxious. He’s just SURE. “I have always been willing do what it takes to be on top of anything I do and I’ve committed to being on top of the music game. And right now, from where I’m sitting, I can’t see anything but sun and clear skies.”

Relax and take notes:

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