“A Well Adjusted Man” – Coastgaard

There is something timeless about the music of Coastgaard that, while playing to a listener’s sense of nostalgia, still feels fresh, current and innovative. On their upcoming sophomore release, Devil On The Balcony, the band has meticulously arranged dynamic chord progressions over immediately engaging rhythmic motifs, reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s rock and roll, to form the foundation of what will undoubtedly be a breakthrough record. Whether it be the blending of vintage and modern or the seamless integration of order and chaos, Coastgaard has found a special musical niche in their ability to merge what does not immediately seem compatible into something beautiful and inherently unique.

With all of the sonic exploration that takes place on Devil On The Balcony, the band doubles down on their commitment to capitalizing on the endearing nature and organic qualities of live instrumentation. According to the band, there is a “certain level of flexibility that cannot be duplicated using electronic elements in music”. Its this flexibility that allows the band to explore different emotional ranges and sonic directions that really solidifies a lot of the more defining characteristics of Coastgaard’s sound.

Their latest single “A Well Adjusted Man”, is a tune that relies heavily on the rhythms and moods of surf rock in how it plays with the idea of rolling waves.

The recently released, animated video follows the daily exploits of a decidedly average man, struggling to survive through the indignities of working a corporate job, stopping at a local shitty bar before presumably dying in a car accident that quickly sends him to his own hell.
Matt Miller (Guitar, Lead Vocals)
Sean Glassman (Guitar, Vocals, Keys)
Paolo Codega (Bass, Vocals)
Brian D’Alessandro (Drums, Vocals, Keys)
 Coastgaard’s new album “Devil On The Balcony” is available on  iTunes and Amazon 
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