No Vegans Were Harmed During Filming…

Fun Cam was nominated for Best Indie Album of the year by The Toronto Independent Music Awards 2015. (TIMA)

Combine an education spanning from English Literature, New York theatre training graduate work in graphic design and music at the renowned Berklee College of Music and you land on the thoughtfully cheeky Cam Fraser.

Years of playing in popular Toronto bands including The Four Kelly’s, Crispin’s Glove and The And Then’s just to name a few, while extensively performing at various venues throughout central Ontario. His individualistic flare, and outlandish live antics garnered Cameron the stage name “Fun Cam”.

Equally influenced by a passion for vintage equipment, classic recording techniques and clever narrative storytelling makes for a Garage Rock/Power Pop handle on vibrant originals and unique takes on covers.

Coupled with his devotion to folk great Neil Young, punk originals including The Ramones avant garde’s like David Bowie and classic alt champions such as The Cars, The Strokes, Matthew Sweet and Fountains of Wayne. Fun Cam has an ability to bridge humour with his pop sensibility, which creates a positively exciting live moment for his audience.

His new music video for Vegan Girlfriend has received over 80,000 views in less that a week.




This video is the second single off of Fun Cam’s debut album, Basement Rock. It’s about a meat eater falling in love with a Vegan, but tries to convert to a no dairy and no meat diet. Needless to say this ends with hilarious and disastrous results!

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