Sonny Side Up!

Ok, I’ve written about the lack of pop music in my musical diet before. It’s not that I HATE it (hate’s a strong word!) but most of the time it just doesn’t do much for me.

Cue Sonny Mackenzi. She just might change my opinion of pop music as a whole. She’s recently  popped up on my radar after I received an official press release for her most recent video, “New Crush”.  First, can I just say, HOW ADORABLE IS SHE?? Amiright?? New Crush? Yes, more like “New GIRL CRUSH”. After checking out her bio online, turns out she was a model with Colorado’s most successful fashion model agency Donna Baldwin, which should come as no surprise.  But it seems her childhood dreams just kept calling. Sonny Mackenzi has dreamed of singing, writing and performing from the age of three. She has already put in her requisite 10,000 hours, putting aside her successful career as a fashion model while still a teenager to head to Los Angeles, where she was discovered by veteran Warner Bros. Records A&R executive Nick Haussling, who took her under his wing with plans to eventually sign her.  Now, with hard work and dedication, all those dreams are starting to come true.

With her brand-new, four-song EP, Mackenzi is positioned to be your “New Crush,” the first single/video from the collection, a spirited ode to first love. Who doesn’t remember that feeling of a young, first love?

Co-written by Hot Chelle Rae’s Nash Overstreet and RCA recording artist Kiana Brown, star of MTV’s Scream, “New Crush” was produced in L.A. by Craig King [Kanye West, Ludacris], and perfectly showcases Sonny’s persona – variously described as “a mischievous daredevil and the girl-next-door with an edge.”

“I want to be honest and put out positive vibes,” she says about her musical approach. “Usually I try to stay away from negativity, but the truth is I’m just a normal girl living life, and I like to tell stories in my songs about the human experience…

“Mostly I want to put out messages of strength and self-love, especially for my younger fans, so that they feel like they too can attain the things they want in life without sacrificing their core beliefs and morals. I want to show how we can thrive even while dealing with adversity.”

Check out her behind the scene video for “New Crush”:

I think that’s what resonates most with me about this young soon to be superstar. I like the message she’s putting out there. It’s so important these days to send positive messages that will certainly help girls of all types to love and appreciate themselves no matter what and that they’re capable of anything, while not having to sacrifice their morals or belief systems. What’s great about Sonny is that she’s confident in what she is putting out into the world and she should be. Her music is a great example of what I think more artists should put out there. Not only the style per say, but the message that comes through when she sings. If she continues on this path, no doubt she’ll be up there in rankings of girl empowering starts liker Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, with the world-class pop diva appeal of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez while delivering the vocal chops of a young Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.  Keep going Sonny, we’re routing for you! Don’t let us down because you definitely have what it takes!

Get it Girl!


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Video Director: Derek Blanks

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