SayWeCanFly “When I Come Home”

Braden Barrie does it again with another poetic masterpiece, “When I Come Home”.  He performs under the name SayWeCanFly as a one man acoustic act from a small town in Ontario, Canada. Barrie has devoted his teenage years to playing shows across Canada and the US, building his following and writing relatable music for his ever growing fan base. His message is always of love and tolerance and he shows listeners that no matter what struggles we face, we always have the power to make it through.

Braden writes lyrics based around his strong belief that the world is falling away from love and emotional connection and wants to re-establish that bond between people through his art. “At the end of the day, we are all skin & bones with a beating heart, and that in itself should be enough to create a spark of love between everyone sharing this earth” Braden says.

SayWeCanFly has been featured in Alternative Press Magazine, PureVolume, BryanStars YouTube Channel, and has also performed on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour. Braden has been touring under the name SayWeCanFly for multiple years now. From humble DIY beginnings to quickly rising above many of those in the industry, SayWeCanFly represents the journey of turning a passion into a career.

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