BamBam Lights It ALL Up!

Watch out Bieber, there’s a sexy new Canadian on the block! BamBam, real name Michael Bellizzi, 25, is a Canadian solo artist born and raised in Montreal. Michael has been playing music since he was young, with experience in various musical styles such as Pop rock, alternative rock, electronic Dance, hip hop and R&B.  Seriously, it’s gotta be something in the water, right? How else does Canada produce superstars who are not only musically talented, but easy on the eyes? What’s that all aboot?  Sorry ladies, according to his instagram, he’s taken! But that doesn’t mean we still can’t love on him from afar!

BamBam’s debut EP is out now on Itunes & Google play and was released on April 20th 2016. This lyrically powered, beat driven ep “New Demands” combines many different musical styles, amounting to BamBam’s unique sound. Hot off the EP release, BamBam gives us a day in the life of in his new video for the single “Light Up”. Expect to see a lot more of our newest Canadian superstar in the months to come. In the meantime, check out the official music video for “Light Up” below. And try not to swoon.

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