K’Coneil and His Own Genre Fluidity

We need more artists like K’Coneil.  A vocalist influenced by his reggae roots of Montego Bay and  Jamaica and the musical melting pot of his urban surroundings after migrating to New York City, KConeil sounds admittedly reggae, but doesn’t classify himself by the industry standards. Rather than to be boxed, KConeil created his own lane of sonic perfection, which can only be classified as being “genre fluid,” by comfortably fusing rhythms, genres and sounds from Reggae, Dancehall, R&B and Pop.

The international recording artist has released “Hot Like You”, the lead single off his newly release 2016 EP Love/Lust. The EP was only just released on June 26th and has already hit #10 on the itunes reggae charts, no easy feat for the up and comer. The ep is produced by acclaimed billboard producer Seanizzle, and finds the singer accenting his music with raw Caribbean dialect, NYC grit and grime and R&B melodies, as he tells stories of bedroom trysts and provides glimpses of his current state of mind. Arriving as the boundaries between dancehall and pop are blurring more than ever before, K’Coneil brings a fresh new voice to the scene that’s right on time with the current moment.

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The hit bound single on the 90’s Don Dada Riddim has been blazing both the airwaves and dance floors.The song written by K’Coneil, his long time writing partner Reggaetwin Gairy Blake and Seannizle, glorifies independent women who are confident in their “hotness” factor regardless of society’s views and standards. “You got The body of an angel Mi nah lie you summin turn up. You’re sexy figure is amazing Anywhere you touch burn up, You buy anything you want, You no cotch a gal yard. Cause it pay for with the na na, You no park like trailer pon no corner, You no par with gal dem wa mash up the partner” Sings K’Coneil. This is a message we can get behind.

Speaking on the song’s inspiration, he recalled an earlier encounter “The day that I was on my way to the studio to work on the song; I stopped at a gas station to get some water and I saw a super hot girl pull up in a nice vehicle; I would have offered to pumped her gas but I was in Kingston and it’s full service so I couldn’t, that’s how hot she was! So it was just right place right time because I was writing something else the night before and I threw it out and started afresh after seeing that girl. She’s probably hearing the song as we speak and don’t even she inspired it. I hope to see her again one day…” We hope so too.

Featured among Grammy-award winner Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Konshens among other notables of dancehall and reggae music, is a feat that K’Coneil humbly takes in stride “Being on a Riddim with some of dancehalls greatest is not just a honor but a blessing I think I told Seanizzle thanks over a million times already lol

Check out the video for “Hot Like You”, which just like the newly released EP “Love/Lust”, delivers the essence of the genre fluid K’Coneil.


Download Love/Lust on itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-lust/id1120373462

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