DONOTS release new video “I Will Deny”

Germany’s critically acclaimed punk rockers, DONOTS are back with their new album, ¡CARAJO! out now on OK!Good Records.

This band saved my life back in 2013. True Story. After spending a week in sunny Miami Florida listening to music made by computers at 118 bpms for 6 days straight, I needed to clean my headspace of pulsating synths, devastating beats & twenty dollar mixed drinks. Enter the DONOTS who were visiting New York City for a week to visit with the fine selection of people that make up OK! Good Records, as well as do a few showcases while in town. We traveled to Webster Hall on a clear Monday evening and were treated to the very essence of what a  live musical performance should be. From the opening notes to the final crescendo, DONOTS could not do any wrong that night & brought me right back to the core of Rock N Roll.

“I Will Deny” is the Donots song that totally sums up the current sound of our band AND our ideology: A complete no gods, no masters, no conservative structures, no right-wingers roundhouse kick. In a way it’s sort of the Donots manifesto since we’ve always been a band interested in communication, positivity and that open minded spirit the punk community has always promoted. I’d rather believe and take pride in myself and the things I have achieved than to follow blindly or accept any given standards.

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The original video and song has German lyrics but we found it a great idea to translate the whole album, re-record it in English and put out another video to the very opening track of both the album and our current live shows. I hope the energy of the song speaks for itself and the video adds a little something on top visually. Thanks for checking it out and thanks for listening to our album ¡CARAJO!, too!” – Ingo Donot

With a history of more than 20 years and their 1,000th show on the horizon in 2016, ¡CARAJO! marks the tenth studio album from Donots. Previously recorded entirely in German and released under the title, Karacho the OK!Good Records release of ¡CARAJO!, features newly recorded English vocals and consists of sing-a-long punk anthems, uplifting bar brawl tracks, and melancholic wave pop tracks. With their tenth album the energetic five piece has managed to redefine and reinvent their sound while maintaining the characteristic trademarks that have found them thousands of fans around the globe.

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