Brielle “Ought To Be” Official Music Video

I have to admit….I like Pop Music. There. I said it. I like Pop music and I don’t care who knows it. Some of it is just so damn catchy and it gets stuck in my head for days and I find myself singing it under my breath while I’m in the shower, walking the dogs, washing the dishes or whatever.

Billboard’s resident chart topper pop artist Brielle is no different. She’s got a new video out for her single “Ought To Be” and let me just tell you, this song has been stuck in my head for days. But in a way, she IS different. She’s different from other pop stars. She actually PLAYS music. I know I know, what are the odds that a pop artist in 2016 actually plays music?? The horror. But for real, not only is she an actual musician, she plays the violin, of all instruments!!  AND she WRITES all of her own music, a feat not often attempted by many of today’s pop artists (I’m look at YOU Selena, Beiber and yes, even you Queen Bey. Lemonade is credited with a whopping 72 writers. What?).  Brielle has been singing her whole life, was in her first musical at 4 years old and had her record deal at 15.

Besides her musical talent, her expertise extends to the world of fashion design, as she also attended, the Fashion Institute of Technology. She  has performed the National Anthem at Citi Field for The Mets and at Madison Square Garden for the NCAA National Basketball Championship. She has made the Billboard charts several times, and spent 26 weeks on various charts including MTV and VH1.

She is smart, talented and beautiful, possessing the whole package and is ready to to take over the world. And whether you like pop music or not, she’s taking you with her. 

BRIELLE releases her self-titled debut album on 6/17

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