Listen to Overlake

It was a Tuesday night the week of SXSW 2014 in Austin TX & my old college roommate & music enthusiast said “My friends from Jersey are playing a house party where I don’t know anyone, wanna go?” And then it Began……

Overlake in its infancy was a band he helped bring to life with some friends named Lysa & Tom after taking a hiatus from playing drums for a little while.  Based out of Jersey City New Jersey, Overlake began cultivating a unique brand of “Traditional Alternative Rock”. Think more mid 80s REM and less early 90s Candlebox. When I first heard them on the deck on that fateful Tuesday night in Texas, I thought they were the perfect 120 minuets band & wondered what it would be like if they could do an in-studio for Dave Kendall.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 9.19.09 PM

A few years and many drummers later, Lysa & Tom along with Nick are continuing to build Overlake into a alt-rock, tour-de-force. With late 2015 bringing a East coast tour that turned into a Mid-west tour through Austin for another triumphant SXSW experience in 2016 as well as shows in swanky places like the Mercury Lounge & The Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Fittingly enough the band recently released a 7″ titled “Travelogue” & is a fantastic example of what their music is all about.

Sweeping soundscapes of swirling reverb & a thunderous low end juxtaposed with dreamy melodies & ambient feedback provide a great musical balance & really take the audience on a journey to places not frequently traveled by most.

It’s not easy to be different. it’s not easy to do something that not everyone can understand. Most people, when confronted with something that they don’t understand, they shy away from it because it scares them. Overlake challenges you to conquer your fears and appreciate something that isn’t easily digestible. Overlake challenge you to set aside what you think you know  about “the alternative” & appreciate a refreshing twist on a vintage sound. It’s important to have life experience outside of the everyday grind to remind you what life is all about in its completely different, unique expressions. All of these things are so very important, and that is why you should listen to Overlake.


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